Algo de historia de la enseñanza en informática

Nos desviamos un poco de los temas habituales para señalar otros que también nos gustan: The Evolution of the Computer Science Degree. Un poco de historia sobre la enseñanza en informática.

Los primeros pasos.

By 1962, the ACM had established a curriculum committee to set out standards for the new field (a panel discussion on the topic, chaired by Forsythe, was held the previous year). In March of 1968, the ACM published the famous “Curriculum 1968,” its recommendations for computer science programs. There was some urgency to the deliberations. According to Gupta, Thomas Keenan reminded his colleagues “that over 15,000 computers were in use at the time with a production rate of 500 computers a month.” Keenan was concerned that “the ability to build computers was outstripping the ability to educate people who could make intelligent use of the machines.”

Y sobre el campo:

Indeed, famously, in 1967, three of the field’s pioneers tried to answer the skeptics in a letter to Science. After giving a dead simple explanation, “Computer science is the study of computers,” they went on to detail answers to a half dozen objections by other academics.



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