Manifiesto del software robusto

En Rugged Software Manifesto: Curiosamente, a pesar de las licencias y todo eso, a nadie se le ha ocurrido dejar (o yo no encuentro allí) una versión en texto del documento. Afortunadamente está en The Rugged Software Manifesto

* I am rugged… and more importantly, my code is rugged.
* I recognize that software has become a foundation of our modern world.
* I recognize the awesome responsibility that comes with this foundational role.
* I recognize that my code will be used in ways I cannot anticipate, in ways it was not designed, and for longer than it was ever intended.
* I recognize that my code will be attacked by talented and persistent adversaries who threaten our physical, economic, and national security.
* I recognize these things – and I choose to be rugged.
* I am rugged because I refuse to be a source of vulnerability or weakness.
* I am rugged because I assure my code will support its mission.
* I am rugged because my code can face these challenges and persist in spite of them.
* I am rugged, not because it is easy, but because it is necessary… and I am up for the challenge.

Tienen el Rugged Software blog, y también una página en Rugged Software – OWASP.

Me gusta.

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